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Who Else Gets So Overwhelmed When Trying to Select Skincare Products?

With so many different products, different skin types, different skin conditions and brands, it is easy to feel lost in a sea of merchandise. The licensed estheticians at Trinity Chiropractic are here to help! Trinity Chiropractic only offers professional, quality, effective skincare products to help you care for your skin when you leave the facial room.

We are so excited to be partnered with Cosmedix Skincare. Cosmedix is a clean, botanical, effective and luxurious skincare line that focuses on anti-aging and age-preventative skin. Cosmedix products exclude parabens, petroleum, mineral oil, artificial fragrances and dyes for an amazing clean that your skin will never forget. Cosmedix is made for all skin types and products range from cleansers, exfoliators, toners, serums, moisturizers, eye and lip care, masks, body and scalp care, and sunscreens. This brand has been featured in Popsugar, Glow Skincare, Women’s Health, InStyle, and MORE! Not sure where to start? Purchase the Cosmedix Edit Kit that includes some Cosmedix favorites or ask your esthetician for assistance in putting together your perfect regimen!

skin barrier repair

Our esthetician, Taylor, is a certified acne specialist through Face Reality Skincare. Face Reality is an effective, cruelty-free, holistic skincare brand that is used specifically to target acne and for skin barrier repair. Face Reality products range from cleansers, exfoliators, toners, masks, acne care, serums, eye care, moisturizers and sunscreens, so a complete regimen is so easy to mix and match! These amazing products are focused on reducing sebum production, brightening the skin, fading skin pigmentation, helping to get rid of texture and to ultimately heal and clear the skin. If you are interested in a great product to start trying, we especially love the Face Reality l-mandelic face and body wash for healthy, clean and glowing skin. Face Reality Skincare has been featured in Allure and has a couple products that have won Esthetician’s Choice Awards! If you suffer from acne or sensitive, damaged skin, Face Reality would be ideal for you! Ask your esthetician on recommendations to build your perfect regimen!

skin barrier repair
Some other great and professional brands we carry include Skin Script RX Skincare, Tamara’s Body Sugaring Skincare, Esthemax Hydrojelly Masks, and MORE! Skin Script RX Skincare is local and based out of Tempe, AZ! While we only carry a few Skin Script RX products, we can order any retail product you like! Tamara’s Body Sugaring Skincare is ideal for sugaring clients. Our sugaristas can recommend the best method of exfoliation, while also pairing with a gentle mask and soothing lotion for soft, healthy and hairless skin! A Trinity Chiropractic favorite is definitely the Esthemax Hydrojelly masks! If you have received a Glow Up facial, you are no stranger to the amazing feeling, properties and smell of the Esthemax Hydrojelly! Certified organic and various clean ingredients help customize a relaxing mask just for you! Simply mix with water, stir and apply! And the best part? The way the mask is removed in one, beautiful, gelatinous sheet!

As you can see, no matter your budget, skin care goals, skin type or skin conditions, Trinity Chiropractic has a variety of products for you to complete your perfect regimen!